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Border Collie X Norwegian Elkhound

Urgent Priority listingPrivate seller

Beautiful, cuddly, happy and resilient puppies. Great company for children, walkers, runners, hikers, and the afflicted.
Meet Balto with grey Agouti Aw coat. Male who is the strong type.
Togo with grey Agouti Aw coat and Border collie white stripe on nose. Male who is animated.
Barbie a splash coat Female who has a big personality
Ken a splash coat Male who is quiet and supportive.
Bolt is a cream, White with honey highlights Male who can be very chill.
Norwegian Elkhound X Border Collie dogs enjoy many of the good charateristics of both breeds, with some of the extremes moderated.
Intelligent, devoted, loyal, strong, healthy and resilient like both breeds.
Double pelt coat like Nor Elkhound, but shorter hair length than both rough coat border collie and Nor Elkhound. That makes them furry and soft, and less prone to tick attachment.
Personalities are calm, not as hyper as Pure breed Border Collie. They are happy to sit as company or to play.
I prefer to train them without snack treats, with approval of affection as reward, and calm voiced disapproval and distance as deterrent.

Microchip numbers:

953010006637283 Balto
953010006637281 Togo
953010006637284 Barbie
953010006637280 Ken

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Account typePrivate seller
LocationFlinders view, QLD 4305
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