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General FAQ

We offer pet adoption services where you can list a pet that you want to sell, and users can go on and browse for potential animals they want to adopt.If you were interested in a pet that is located interstate, we also provide you with pet transport options.

If you already have a pet, we match you with pet minding services, such as pet sitting/hosting, pet accommodation and kennels.

If your new dog or pup needs training, we offer dog trainers to understand and strengthen the relationship between owner and dog.

We also offer dog walking and dog grooming services. The service can either come to your house, or you can take your dog to a specific location.

We are called Rescue Pets because we believe every pet deserves a home. Regardless of whether the animal is from an existing home, and the current owners can’t care for it. Or whether the animal has been bred. All animals deserve to find a home and live a happy, healthy life.

Certainly, please set up a listing on out platform

Our payment system provided to benefit the safety of the users. We want to ensure that both parties involved in the transaction are being supported. For example, the buyer of the dog will receive the dog that was listed in the ad, and the seller will receive the correct funds they advertised. We believe the payment system will provide confidence in all users to freely transact on the platform and find their perfect pet, service, or product.


Rescue Pets understands that your pet’s safety and wellbeing is extremely important. We check all services on our platform. We take all service providers through a security check to ensure that they are providing a legitimate and safe service. We encourage our services to upload their profile photo, and several photos of their business in action, so the users can get a better understanding of the business.

Please press delete your service on your profile and let us know why you are deleting it.

If the service has not been provided to the party that had requested it, you can cancel it. We highly suggest you also reach out to the other party to explain why you cancelled and if possible and provide an alternative.

Please note: Rescue Pets will be monitoring reasons as to why services have been cancelled. Depending on the circumstances we may remove the Service provider off our platform if cancellations are frequent.

If you are keen on a pet that is located interstate, we can match you with a pet transport company can transport your pet to you. Please note, this service is at the buyer’s expense.

Pet reads

In the Pet Reads section, we have provided articles written by various veterinarians and pet enthusiasts. If you wanted to learn more about your pet, or why they’re acting a certain way, this is the place to learn more.

Missing pets

We have a page dedicated to missing pets so if your pet is missing, please post up a listing for your pet providing a lot of detail and images. We have over 4000 users per day to our website, so hopefully they can reunite you and your pet.

Lost pets are more likely to be reunited with their owners if they are not too far away. If you do find a lost pet, please check our missing pet’s page.

Contact Rescue Pets & Sales

If you would like to collaborate or want to drop us a line – please reach out.


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