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About Rescue Pets & Sales

About Rescue Pets & Sales

At Rescue Pets, we want to make the process of buying a new addition to your family an easier journey. We are providing you with the best selection of listings and tools to educate yourself on the safest way to take care of your new family member.

We put you in touch with the best resources in Australia to be able to provide and care for your animal. We intend to be Australia’s premier destination and a resource for you to learn about the needs of your pet throughout their life cycle. 

Rescue pets wants to promote adoption alongside animal shelters to use our platform to extend their reach to more people. We also support ethical breeders to be able to home their animals as well. 

We understand that this is a controversial subject, but we simply believe that all animals deserve to find a home. We provide the platform for people to find their perfect pet and support them with the tools they need.