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Who are we?

We started this platform because of our love for pets. Our venture began when we wanted to find the best services for our pet, and we couldn’t find it. We went off to brainstorm and came up with one website that will provide all Australian pet lovers with ONE destination for all their pet needs.

What do we offer?

We offer you a place on our website to post and present your services to our audience. Most of the time, a website usually provides one function, but at Rescue Pets we give our users the full experience with relevant content about their pet, including area centric services, pet transport and informative articles.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can get up to 4000 visitors daily viewing your service.
  • An audience of 60,000 pet lovers that we can actively market your service to.
  • We provide analytics and all the tools you need to reach out and generate more sales for your business.
  • Our SEO will be targeting campaigns with Google AdWords to attract your audience to your service.

How do you join?

Just hit the link below to sign up your business! For an introductory price of $19 you can get your business marketed too over 120k people a month!

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Dog Training

If you are having problems training your dog our Dog Trainers can help!

Dog Walking

Sometimes we just don't have the time to walk our precious pets so why not contact one of our Dog Walkers

Dog Grooming

Is your Dog looking a little ‘overgrown'? We can put you in touch with a great groomer!

Cat Grooming

Find an experienced cat groomer who can help your cat look fantastic

Pet Day Care

Find a pet sitter who can keep your pet happy and safe.

Pet Sitting

Find a pet sitter who can keep your pet happy and safe.

Dog Kennels

If you are going on a trip these Dog Kennels can keep your dog happy, safe and well fed until you return

Cat Kennels

Let one of the cat kennels look after you cat whilst you are away.

Pet Memorials

During such a sad time we often need help from experts to move forwards.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Our pets need holidays too!! Find perfect pet friendly accommodation here.

Veterinary Clinic

Is your pet overdue for a health-check? Find a suitable vet nearby!