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WANTED: Shih Tzu Dog in Darley, 3340 VIC

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Hi there - to help with this search I'm Emma. I have 2 male desexed cats - Tiger 10, Pashmak 2. In Feb 2020 my female Chihuahua Paris who was 13.5 yrs old after having seizures and a couple of health issues passed away. Breaking our hearts. She was a very loved member of the furbaby family, I had her since she was 10 yrs old - she came into a very loving home. My animals are very much loved and cared for - both ways we all look out for each other. When Paris was sick, Tiger helped me looked after Paris, by keeping her warm, it was amazing to watch. My boarders between them have 3 cats and 5 guinea pigs, the guinea pigs are high up off the floor. I live on a 1/4 acre - so Paris between the 5 cats, 5 guinea pigs, 5 humans, fitted in easily, she couldn't work out whether she was a cat or guinea pig ! lol; she had a wonderful personality. We've decided the new dog - will need to be a small breed, puppy ( 3months -1 year or thereabouts) either a Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Malteze Shih Tzu. The puppy will be well cared for, there is always someone at home, can be walked, but it also will have a large backyard to run around in, and willing to be living with other animals, Tiger is No 1 in the pecking order (lol) but they all have their own spaces.
I can't wait to find my puppy - female if you can. To love, cherish, smother it with kisses and cuddles, make it known it's loved, talk it to it, make it part of the furbaby family. My number is 0410927003. Thankyou Emma

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Account typePrivate seller
LocationDarley, VIC 3340
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