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Posted on November 21, 2022

Sell your Puppy here


We have over 5,000 people visit us every day looking for a puppy. We can help you sell your pup.


Sell a Puppy


With so many people actively looking for anew puppy you will soon find out how quick and easy our website is. We have multiple ways to advertise and promote your pups – including our Splooter app.


How to Sell a Puppy

It is our job to make the whole process of selling your puppy simple and easy for both the puppy and the owner.

You can just use our site to find the perfect new family for your puppies. You get to pick who gets to love and care for your pups, you get to pick the price you sell them for and you get to pick when they get picked up and what things go with them (bedding, bowl etc). It’s all up to you.

So if you have some puppies you wish to sell we can help you do it. We have a couple of different options that can help you with the selling process.


Free option to Sell a Puppy

All you have to do is provide a few details about your puppies and we will add the listing to our site so that you can find loving new owners.


Priority option to Sell a Puppy

A Priority listing puts your puppy right at the top when people search for its breed. Your puppy listing is highlighted and it has a much bigger chance of being seen and clicked on.

We just charge a very small $19 fee to create a Priority Puppy listing.


Urgent option to Sell a Puppy

We have done a lot of research and this is easily the quickest and best way to sell a puppy. Your new puppy add is right at the top with a bright red highlighted border and all puppy pictures are displayed in the search results as well as your listing page.

We have had many instances of people selling all their puppies within two days of creating an urgent puppy listing.

We charge a small $59 fee to create an Urgent Puppy Listing.


List your puppies for sale here.




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