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Kitten Selling

Posted on November 24, 2022

We help you Sell your Kitten here


We have in excess of 5,000 people visit our site every day looking for a a new pet, many of whom are looking for a kitten.

We can help you sell your kitten or if you are looking to buy one we have hundreds available..


selling a kitten


Because we have so many pet lovers who are actively looking for a pet you will surely sell your kitten. We have a few different ways for you to advertise and sell your cats – including our popular Splooter app.


How to Sell a Kitten

We try hard to make the whole process of selling your kitten easy for both the pet and you.

Creating a listing allows us to help you find the perfect new family for your kittens. You, as the seller, get to decide who gets to take home your kitten, you get to choose the sale price and you get to select when the kitten gets picked up and what toys goes with them (ball, bowl etc).

So if you have multiple kittens or just one that you want to sell we can help you do it.

See below for our different options when you create a listing;


Free option to Sell a Kitten

All we ask is that you provide a few relevant details about your puppies/puppy and then it will added onto to our site -easy.


Priority Listing option to Sell a Kitten

A Priority listing puts your pet at the top when people search for its breed – people see it before any other standard listing. Your kitten listing is highlighted and it has a much bigger chance of being clicked on for more details.

There is a small $19 fee to make a Priority Kitten listing.


Urgent Listing option to Sell a Kitten

We know that an Urgent listing is the fastest and best way to sell a kitten. When you create an Urgent listing it is at the top of all search with a bright red highlighted border. In addition all your kitten photos are displayed in the search results as well as the listing page.

You can expect to sell your kitten within a few days of listing them with an urgent option.

There is a small $59 fee to make an Urgent Pet Listing.


List your kittens for sale here.


Buying a Kitten

We literally have hundreds of kittens available on our site – just do a search for the perfect pet for you and you will see the large range available. We also have a popular Pet Wanted option if you don’t find that perfect pet straight away.


Search our huge listings for a Puppy to Buy


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