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Free Pets

Posted on February 5, 2020


Pets For Free



We have free pets.

There are many pets listed through out the site that are free – no cost, no charge.


Pets For Free

However we really, really question the concept of deciding to get a pet just because it is free. Pets cost money. Pets are valued.

Pets are not something that we can trial and then give away, a pet is a commitment. A big commitment.

So whilst we do have many free pets please know that they will cost you a lot to keep and they should only be taken if you sincerely want a companion for life.


What sort of pet will you get for free?

Our free pets are all older rescue dogs and cats (horses and other animals as well). They have started their lives with a family that can no longer keep them. This is because of many, many reasons including the death of its owner so we should never judge.

A rescue pets is a great pet and has gone through a trauma or loss just like a person – that is one of the reasons that you need to be 100% sure you will not do the same thing again to the that pet.


Some of these pets have issues – issues like bad behaivour or even health issues. So find out everything you can before you decide to pick up the pet. Go in knowing what to expect and how you can make a difference.


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