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Dog Rehoming

Posted on December 1, 2018

Giving your dog away


There are many reasons a Dog may need to be rehomed.

  1. Allergies
  2. Moving to a new home where you are not allowed pets
  3. Moving overseas
  4. Death of owner
  5. Added commitments means you are unable to look after your dog as you use to
  6. Puppies have arrived!!! You need to find them new, loving homes
  7. Etc. Etc.

Rehoming a dog can be one of the most stressful times in your life. You want to make sure that you can find someone to love your dog just as much as you do and that they will have a safe and healthy life.

Shelters are good but it means surrendering your dog (usually a fee involved) and handing over responsibility of finding that loving, new owner to someone else. You have no real say in who ends up with your dog. Most shelters also have a time period where if no home is found the dog is put to sleep.


We at Rescue Pets knew that there was a better way;

  • A way where you choose who gets your dog
  • A way where you are not charged for finding your dog a new home
  • A way where you dog would not end up being put to sleep
  • A way where they dog is with you, in their own environment, until their new owner is found – not in a cell at a shelter.


Giving Your Dog Away

Firstly every adoption agency charges for someone to come and get a new rescue dog.

This is acceptable and it is also acceptable for some owners to charge a small fee to rehome their dog. It is best, and easiest to give your dog away for free but in some cases their could be a lot of dog products (leash, collar, bowl etc.) that come with the dog.

We would suggest that you will find it easier to give your dog away than to sell but it is quite acceptable to charge a small fee for rehoming. Selling puppies is a completely different matter – we will discuss that in a different blog.


Rescue Pets does not charge to find a new home for your dog – there is an option to run a Verified Listing but it is not mandatory. We have a huge Social Media following and our followers are always visiting the website, looking at the pets and sharing the details with their friends. We have over 200,000 page views every month.


Our goal is to make the transition of finding your dog a new home as easy, quick and painless as possible – for you and your dog.


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