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Posted on November 28, 2022

Because we are Australia’s largest online Pet Marketplace we have thousands of pets listed for sale and close to 8,000 pet lovers visiting our site every day looking for a new pet..


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Sell and Buy Pets Online

Selling your Pet Online

It’s often not easy but sometimes we need to make the hard decision and sell our pet. From a much loved cat to a family dog or even a bird or snake.  We can make the selling process easy for both you and your pet. We also sell many Puppies and Kittens from good breeders.

Rather than giving up your pet to an animal shelter where they will ask you to pay large surrender fee and then you have absolutely no say with what happens with your pet after that we have a much, much better way to do things.

It’s very easy to create a pet listing and find a fantastic new owner for your pet – you make the decision who gets to love and care for it.

We suggest you charge a small fee to the new owner of your pet as we have found that most people don’t value something as much if they don’t pay for it. Also there is a good chance you will be sending some of the pets belongings with your pet  – bowl, collar, cage etc.

List your pet for sale here we also have a free option available.


Buying a Pet Online

We have thousands of pets available for you to search and buy. You can sort by location, breed,  cost and even age. We would always like to recommend a rescue pet, they need our love!

So have a good look through our extensive list of animals for that perfect pet – surely there will be one that is just right for you and your family.

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If for some reason you just don’t find the perfect pet we have a great option for you to create a Pet Wanted Listing. You will be the first person notified when your perfect pet is listed for sale.



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