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Siamese kittens

Private seller

Hello I have 6 beautiful siamese kittens ready for there new home. Let me tell you a bit about them.

Mr green (seal point)
He is a very loveable little boy he loves to cuddle up at night and play all day and enjoys a good belly scratch. Friendly with kids.

Miss pink (seal point)
She may be the runt of the litter but she is the most feistiness of the bunch. She was the first one to explore away from her mother. She is very friendly and loves long pats. Friendly with kids.

Miss seal (seal point)
She is Little miss collar escape artist that’s why she is miss seal and not a colour. She loves a good pat and a bowl full of food and all times. She loves to play rough sometimes Very Loveable and friendly with kids

Mr blue (chocolate point)
He loves a good fluffy blanket to snuggle up to. He loves to be pat when he want when ever he wants. Friendly with kids.

Mr red (chocolate point)
He has his lazy days where he just wants to lay in the sun and sleep but then the next day he will be up and running around like a mad man. Loves a good pat and friendly with kids.

Mr Silver (chocolate point)
THE BROOM IS THE ENEMY AND DON’T GET HIM STARTED ON THE VACUUM. Most days he will be sleeping and won’t move. He does love good pats and laying in the sun. Friendly with kids.


All kittens are
toilet train

The kittens were born October 10th so they are 10 weeks old. We have a dog so they are used to seeing him everyday.

If you have questions please texted me on 0439805167 I do not answer calls from unknown numbers. Or email me on

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Account typePrivate seller
LocationKyabram, VIC 3620
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