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Two Super Kittys Need a New home

Private seller

Unfortunately the circumstances of my life have pushed me to a place where I have to say goodbye to my two beloved cats of 6-7 years.

I’m working full time and then extremely busy outside of work, and therefore the cats are left home by themselves all day.

Scanty (government name Mogli) is the large, dark male cat. He loves to act alpha and like he runs the joint but he’s super affectionate and in need of attention and love. He has his zoomies and loves to play chasey around the house. He’s very placid all the other times, loves to snooze but most importantly loves to cuddle up and get warm.

Bubby (government name Ellie) is the small, female cat. The Yin to Scanty’s Yang. She’s somewhat skittish but once she gets familiar with you she warms up to you like no other. She melts my heart any time I get to spend with her. Very inquisitive and intelligent.

It sucks being in this position. I would absolutely love if they could go to a new home together to ease the stress of moving.

Both have all their medicals (desexing etc) sorted.

I’m looking for someone who would be happy to show me how they’re doing semi - regularly to know they’re happy and safe.

I would offer a viewing but it may be a waste of time as they often hide away from people they’re not too familiar with. Just know that once they settle and get comfortable they are amazing, loving companions for someone willing to show them that time and love I can no longer provide.

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LocationAlexandra hills, QLD 4161
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