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Tan Red Bull Arab x Staffy x Mastiff Older Puppy

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Frankie is a sweet 11 month old Bull Arab cross puppy who needs a new forever home.

We adopted Frankie when he was 7 weeks old as a companion to our older dog Molly, but unfortunately she has become aggressive towards him so Frankie can no longer stay in our care.

As much as it breaks our hearts, it is best for both dogs that Frankie leave us and start a new life in a home where he can be the one and only doggo, receiving all the loving attention he deserves.

Frankie is an incredibly gentle and friendly dog, loves to be around people, and is good with older children, toddlers, and even babies. He is very much an indoor dog, he sleeps inside at night and loves lounging around with you when you're home. He loves his play times in the back yard, and is happy to chill outside when you're not home - but you will need plenty of space and toys for him to chew and chase, as he is still a growing puppy and will want some things to munch on and occupy his time without you.

Frankie knows all the usual sit, stay, come, down, shake, as well as "on your bed" (good for when visitors arrive or you're wanting him to have a time-out) even "kiss"! But of course will need on-going training as all puppies do to become a well-rounded dog.

The only issue Frankie does have at the moment is barking at other dogs while out walking, and barking at neighbours' dogs when he can see them. We consulted a Dog Behavior specialist vet and the good news is he is very responsive to training, he is extremely food motivated which makes it easier, but will obviously need ongoing work to be perfectly behaved around other dogs. So just to reiterate, Frankie would need to be an only dog.

Ideally Frankie's new home would have a decent sized yard for him to zip around in, but it is not a deal breaker as long as he can get his exercise through play times and walks.

Frankie will come with everything he needs, including harness, collars, leash, 2 durable canvas beds, one outdoor hammock style bed, blanket, and all of his toys and food enrichment gadgets like his Kong and nibble mat.

He had a heart worm shot in March so will be good for another year, is currently on Nexguard for his flea and tick, and of course we will provide a small supply of his food. We will also pass on all of the tips we learned from the specialist to be able to continue Frankie's training.

Please know that the decision to rehome Frankie was not an easy one since he has made himself a part of our family. While we will definitely consider all potential adopters, we will be selective as we truly want the best fit for him.


If you believe you are a match, please email me with a short description of yourself, your home and family situation, and how you think you would be a good fit for our boy. Please check your spam folder if you don't get a reply straight away, messages from this website don't always make it to your inbox.

We are located in Brisbane and are happy to arrange a meeting either at our home or yours any weekend, but are also willing to travel if it means he can go to the perfect home for him.

Thankyou, and look forward to hearing from you.


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