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Companion indoor tabby cat, female, sweet and affectionate, full documentation

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I bought Rosie from Carindale pet shop as a kitten, 12 years ago, and she's been a great companion cat for me. I now need to relocate back to Victoria, so I'm looking for a good home for her, and I have her on Gumtree aswell.

She's happy to sit with me on the sofa and sit on my lap, also happy to play aswell. She actually likes being talked to, and listens aswell. She's a placid cat, and very affectionate. She's also healthy and agile, able to jump up and down from heights. Importantly her teeth are in good condition, as I've been careful with her diet, mainly feeding her dry cat food and raw chicken necks.

She comes with free cat gear including: large outdoor cat enclosure, tall cat climbing tree, small portable cat enclosure, litter tray, travel container, bed, toys, food and worm treatment.

She sleeps in her large enclosure on the verandah overnight, then roams the apartment and verandah freely during the day. She likes getting into the bath to enjoy the water, and enjoys washing herself. She enjoys playing and sleeping in her cat climbing tree, collecting her toy mouse from the top of the tree and bringing it to me. She likes playing in paper bags aswell, and has a range of toys.

She's been well looked after, with monthly worming, annual vaccinations and check ups, regular brushing, a good diet, and lots of affection from myself. I also have full documentation for her: vaccination card, original purchase and desexing/microchipping receipts.

She's an indoor cat, so needs an enclosed yard or verandah, or to be kept inside. She entertains herself, likes looking out windows and sitting in the sun. She's is good and accepting with people.

Rosie is a domestic short haired, pretty grey and ginger tabby, with white socks, white nose/neck/tummy. There are more photos of her on Gumtree if you're interested in her. Her face and personality is very sweet. I need to relocate back to Victoria and unable to take her with me. She would make a great companion cat for someone, and I do want a good loving home for her. If you're interested in adopting Rosie, please contact me by phone or email, and leave a message for me: 0418 989 127 or

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LocationCarina heights, QLD 4152
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