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What is a Priority Listing

Posted on July 22, 2019

Priority Listings get over 50% more visits!!!

Priority Listings are Bigger, let you add More Photos and stay on the site until you have rehomed your Pet.

By making your listing a Priority Listing it will become a Featured Listing on the Pet Website. It will standout more and will attract a lot more views.

The chances of re-homing or selling your pet are much, much greater with a Priority Listing.


A Priority Listing only costs $19


Priority pet listing


Priority Listings will appear at the top in any related search.

Priority Listings allow you to add more Photos of your Pet

They will be the first listings people will see when they search for your breed of pet – you will be at the top of the list!



This means a priority listing will be seen more often and has a much greater chance of finding that perfect new owner. With thousands of pets on the site make yours stand out amongst the rest!

It also means that there is a greater level of security to buy from a Priority Listing. In our experience scammers rarely (if ever) pay to put up a fake listing.





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