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Akita Puppies For Sale

Posted on November 13, 2019


For Sale Akita Puppies


Akita’s are a large breed dog originating from Japan.

Akita’s are actually broken down into two main categories – the Japanese family and the American family.

They want to play and run and then play some more. They are an intelligent breed that loves companionship.


Akita Puppies For Sale

At Pet Adoption and Sales we have thousands of different pets available. More often than not we have multiple Akita’s available – both puppies and rescue adults. We are sure you will find one perfect for your lifestyle. We would love to take this opportunity and highlight how an older dog makes an awesome companion. They are normally trained and they need that extra measure of help.

So have a search through our site and we are pretty sure you will find many great Akita’s looking for a new home.


Maybe that perfect Akita is not currently listed with us – we get hundreds of new listings every week so stay tuned.  We can keep you informed if you like when any new Akitas are listed and send you an message instantly.

If transport is an issue we can still help. Sometimes the perfect companion is in another state or a long way away. We have partnered with Australia’s oldest and best pet transport company  get them to give you a quote to hand deliver your pet for you, straight to your door- get a quote.


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